The Jersey Royal



1879 - The year the famous Jersey Royal story began

In around 1880, local famer Hugh de la Haye is reported to have had an unusually large potato with 15 or 16 eyes. History relates that whilst discuss
ing the potato with friends, they decided to cut it up and plant the pieces on a côtil (the name for Jersey’s steep south facing fields) above Bellozanne valley in the centre of the IslandPlantingL'Etacq1950s

One of the shoots yielded a kidney-shaped potato with very thin skin as opposed to a standard round one, and so the Jersey Royal was born.

Recognising the unique shape of the new potato, it was first marketed as the Jersey Fluke, and it commanded a premium price on the wholesale markets. The addition of 'Royal' and the dropping of the name 'fluke' came in towards the end of Queen Victoria's reign when imperialism was widespread, and many things were termed 'royal'.